Summer Adventures in Cape Town

It’s often said that summer is the best of the four seasons. A lot of people will opt for a sunny day at the beach over a cloudy one, as the sun seems to bring about a different form of joy and happiness.  

This isn’t only the case with beach-goers, however. If you’re a thrill-seeker and you love to test your mettle by participating in various forms of risky action sports and activities, the odds that you’d prefer to do those in the rain over the sun are very slim.  

Take 4x4ing, for Example. 

First of all, there are definitely benefits to 4x4ing on a wet surface. You’d need the right kind of tires and an increased level of skill, but a lot of fun can be had in the mud! However, because most of us are probably not that experienced or skilled behind the wheel, it’s preferable to get into the driver’s seat on a hot summer’s day when the sand is as dry as a bone.  

The best place to do that in Cape Town? That’s easy. Just head to the Klein Tafelberg Adventure Centre for a ride you’ll never forget! Make sure to bring your 4×4 essentials, as well as your spirit of adventure! 

Nobody Wants to Climb a Wet Rock 

While there may be some benefits (to a particularly skilled driver) to a wet 4×4 drive, you can most certainly believe that there are zero benefits to rock climbing in the wet. It’s slippery, it’s dangerous, and it’s just not fun – even for adventure seekers!  

The whole point of rock climbing is to dig your hands and heels into the rock and propel yourself upwards. It’s a sport of conquering, but not when it’s wet.  

Fortunately, Klein Tafelberg has both options on hand, should you prefer one or the other. There’s an indoor climbing wall for when things get a little too cold and wet outside, and there’s also an outdoor climbing wall where you can experience the slew of beautiful views that are on offer from the summit. 

Adventuring in the summer season rarely gets any better than the above-mentioned sports and activities.  

Or does it?  

Well, there’s more! 

Airsoft in the Bright Sunshine = Big Yes 

What better way to spend a glorious summer day than by getting a few friends together to compete in an exciting battle of airsoft? The sweat, toil, and tension of stalking your opponent and stealthily hiding away from them at the same time are not only tons of fun, but it’s genuinely exciting, too!  

Next time you’re wondering what you can do over the weekend, pay Klein Tafelberg a visit. And then another one, because you’re definitely going to want to return for more!  

See You Soon! 

While there are many options for things to do in the Cape Town summer months, very few live up to the standard of quality adventure that is set by the Klein Tafelberg Adventure Centre. It’s just two hours outside of Cape Town and waiting to entertain you.  

Summer at KT? You bet.  

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