Are there any adventure-hungry thrill-seekers out there? We know they exist! In some ways, adventure makes life meaningful. Can you picture our existence without weekly trips to the supermarket? Or the beach with your significant other? These events and others make each day of life exciting and novel. Occasionally, though, our intrinsic need for adventure […]
Stress can be a pervasive and intrusive force in our lives. Everyone gets stressed; from Gandhi to Zuma, stress has played some sort of role in everybody’s life throughout history and still continues to do so.   Fortunately for those of us with a penchant for stress relief, there exist activities like airsoft at locations like […]
It’s often said that summer is the best of the four seasons. A lot of people will opt for a sunny day at the beach over a cloudy one, as the sun seems to bring about a different form of joy and happiness.   This isn’t only the case with beach-goers, however. If you’re a thrill-seeker […]
Are there any thrill seekers out there hungry for adventure? We know there are! Adventure makes life, in some sense, worthwhile. Can you imagine our lives without the small adventures to the grocery store? Or to the park with your partner?   These moments and more make life interesting and new each and every day. Every […]
If smooth roads and seamless drives aren’t for you, you’re probably a 4x4er at heart. Fortunately for you, the world of 4x4ing is vast and exciting enough to entertain you for years and years ahead! However, one thing that’s needed before you head on your 4×4 adventure is a good understanding of what it is […]
So, rock climbing seems to have experienced a resurgence of late. Has anybody noticed that? If you’re reading this, you’re probably a part of it!  We’re also pretty sure the Olympics had something to do with it.   What about scaling a rock face gets people excited and ready to conquer their fears? Well, we’re proud […]
If you’ve ever played paintball, you may have heard of airsoft. Have you ever shot a BB gun before? Then you’ve probably shot an airsoft gun, too. Conversely, you may be a paintball expert but have never heard of airsoft. Likewise, you may know a BB gun like the back of your hand and not […]
If you’ve ever driven along a dirt road or a very uneven road with a bunch of potholes, you may feel like you’ve experienced the ‘joys’ of 4x4ing. After all, isn’t 4x4ing just driving your big car on some kind of off-road that’s not smooth? Surely the whole point of 4x4ing is to shake everything […]
In today’s automotive era, it’s become quite an easy (but not that easy) exploit to grab the family or some friends and head off-road on a grand 4×4 adventure. If you’ve ever had an inkling to head out onto the rough terrain in a monstrous Landie, you’ll understand what we mean.  The demand for 4×4 […]
If you’ve ever been rock climbing or abseiling, you’ll know that they can be quite a thrill. They can also be pretty daunting. Sure, you could play it safe and never consider partaking in either of these activities, but where’s the fun in that? All that’s needed to remedy any resistance inside of you is […]