Shooting Ranges & Training Near Cape Town

Stress can be a pervasive and intrusive force in our lives. Everyone gets stressed; from Gandhi to Zuma, stress has played some sort of role in everybody’s life throughout history and still continues to do so.  

Fortunately for those of us with a penchant for stress relief, there exist activities like airsoft at locations like Klein Tafelberg Adventure Centre that we can engage in and have some real fun, all while our stress levels slowly decrease. What could be a better antidote for stress than zapping your friends with a BB bullet? 

Get Involved 

Even if stress is not your problem, the game of airsoft will provide you with many an opportunity to hone your aiming and shooting skills in general while also experiencing a thoroughly immersive form of military battle on the awesome fields at KT.  

Aside from the regular team deathmatch format for a game of airsoft, there are a bunch of other formats that players can engage in, like capture the flag, king of the hill, and close-quarter combat, to name a few. Nothing beats a game of capture the flag, airsoft style! 

Safety First 

When it comes to safety, it’s important to remember that airsoft guns can still cause injury to your eyes and face if you’re not protected adequately. We’re fully committed to ensuring your safety while enjoying a fun shooting activity, which is why you should always wear full-seal eye protection while playing and never point your gun at another player’s face when standing close by.  

Your safety is our number one concern and priority here at Klein Tafelberg, so you can help us out with this by sticking to the rules and being a good sport. After all, that’s when the most fun will be had, anyway! 

All This and More at Klein Tafelberg 

Aside from the truly fantastic offering of airsoft, Klein Tafelberg regularly provides intensive and fun training for all sorts of people and all sorts of ages. This can be basic life skills like changing a tire or more refined skills like self-defence and how to conduct a thorough farm watch.  

There’s plenty to learn if you know where to look! 

See You at the Next One 

Look no further than Klein Tafelberg Adventure Centre, situated just two hours outside of Cape Town. It’s plush, it’s serene, it’s beautiful, and it’s full of adventure! 

If you’re sold on a game of airsoft, or you’re looking to bolster your skills in a specific tactical area, Klein Tafelberg has an incredible shooting range for you to get your shot steady and several “kill houses” that serve as airsoft fields. There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in a plethora of different types of training.  

More information about upcoming events can be found on our website 

So, grab some friends and some of your favourite military and/or training gear, and head on over to the Sandveld for an experience you definitely will not forget.