How To Spend December In Cape Town

Are there any adventure-hungry thrill-seekers out there? We know they exist! In some ways, adventure makes life meaningful. Can you picture our existence without weekly trips to the supermarket? Or the beach with your significant other?

These events and others make each day of life exciting and novel. Occasionally, though, our intrinsic need for adventure takes over, and we find ourselves yearning for an excursion, not to the grocery store, but to the undiscovered wilderness. Fortunately, we live in an incredible universe that has a great deal to offer on this front. Even more fortunate, a solitary monument in the middle of the West Coast Sandveld serves as the final entryway to several adventures. Obviously, this is Klein Tafelberg. Consider the variety of adventurous activities provided by Klein Tafelberg for your December Holidays.

Rock Climbing

For many years, rock climbing has been perceived as a specialized activity for extremely flexible, slender individuals with strong hands. This is the furthest thing from the truth!

We’ve lately observed that, contrary to popular belief, it is not confined to specific sorts of people. All ages and sizes have achieved success in the sport. At any one time, it is not uncommon to encounter a climber with a wealth of knowledge and understanding and one with none crossing the same rock.


If you’re interested in playing airsoft and you’re in Cape Town, you’re in luck! Klein Tafelberg offers an excellent shooting range for practising your aim and many “kill homes” that function as airsoft fields.

They are located within two hours of Cape Town and are ready to brighten your day! So gather some pals and your favourite military clothing, and travel to the Sandveld for an unforgettable experience. Klein Tafelberg routinely provides intense and enjoyable training for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, in addition to its absolutely great airsoft offerings. This may include fundamental life skills, such as replacing a tire, or more advanced abilities, such as self-defence and conducting a complete farm watch. You can learn a great deal if you know where to search!


Abseiling is essentially the inverse of rock climbing since it involves using a rope down a rock or cliff face. The rope is wrapped around your torso and fastened to a point at the summit from where you will begin your descent.

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of freedom you get when you’re alone on top of the cliff with only a rope and you. KT offers these experiences and more!

Your December Thrill Awaits!

In the stunning Sandveld, there is definitely something for everyone. Enthusiasts of birds will be glad to learn that the Adventure Centre provides bird-watching trips where you can observe a variety of species and subspecies of birds. We would think it’s very sweet! It’s simple if you seek excitement, look no further than Klein Tafelberg!


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