What You Need to Go 4x4ing? 

In today’s automotive era, it’s become quite an easy (but not that easy) exploit to grab the family or some friends and head off-road on a grand 4×4 adventure. If you’ve ever had an inkling to head out onto the rough terrain in a monstrous Landie, you’ll understand what we mean. 

The demand for 4×4 cars has increased, and the whole 4×4 community has embraced this passion and hobby of theirs as a way of life rather than a limited endeavour. It’s a 4×4 lifestyle! 

If, on the other hand, you’ve never been on a 4×4 journey but you’ve found yourself interested in trying it out, you might be wondering what it takes to go 4x4ing. Not to worry, because this article is for you.  

We’re going to take you through everything you need to go 4x4ing and have the time of your life, starting now.  

To 4×4, You Need A 4×4 Vehicle 

It’s no use trying to scale a rocky slope in a Toyota Tazz because you just won’t get far. The whole idea of 4x4ing is that you do it with a vehicle that has 4-wheel drive. That means the car uses all four wheels interchangeably to accommodate different terrains and driving conditions, generally giving these types of vehicles a more powerful edge over regular vehicles.  

You won’t go wrong with the likes of a Nissan Navarra or a classic Toyota Hilux bakkie.  

You’re Going to Need the Right Gear 

As far as 4×4 accessories go, probably the most important thing to make sure you have on hand is a spare tire and the tools necessary to change or deflate a tire. This also includes a puncture repair kit. Trust us, you’re definitely going to need to either deflate your tires or change one of them at some point while 4x4ing. Deflating your tires helps put more of your tread in contact with the surface, which means more grip.  

Here are some other essentials you’ll need on your 4×4 expedition: 

  • Jumper cables to recharge your car battery in case your portable fridge or flood lights drain it. 
  • Portable compressor to inflate tires  
  • Toolkit with the classics 
  • Fire extinguisher to put out fires, of course! 4x4s can catch fire when they overheat due to mud-covered radiators or dry grass pilling up against hot metal. 
  • Side window wind deflectors because they allow you to drive with your windows open even when it’s raining. This can come in handy if the visibility is poor straight ahead.  
  • We’d suggest taking a more experienced friend along, possibly even in another 4×4, just in case there are any issues or situations that require some sort of skill in this field.  

Ready, Steady, 4×4! 

Now that you’re more equipped to tackle a 4×4 adventure, why don’t you head over to the West Coast’s most adventurous track at Klein Tafelberg? It’s situated just 2 hours outside of Cape Town and was voted South Africa’s best 4×4 trail by Driveout magazine.  

With sandy fynbos covering the slopes, and sandstone formations revealing their beauty, you’ve got to see it to believe it!