Rock Climbing Near Cape Town 

So, rock climbing seems to have experienced a resurgence of late. Has anybody noticed that? If you’re reading this, you’re probably a part of it! 

We’re also pretty sure the Olympics had something to do with it.  

What about scaling a rock face gets people excited and ready to conquer their fears? Well, we’re proud to say that, like you, we are thrilled that rock climbing is back. Not that it’s ever gone anywhere, though.  

Why Rock Climbing? 

For years, rock climbing has been viewed as a niche activity for ultra-flexible and skinny people with hard hands. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  

We’ve recently noticed that instead of being an exclusive thing for certain types of people, it’s actually the opposite. People of all ages and sizes have come to excel at the sport. And it’s not uncommon to find a climber with tons of experience and insight and a climber with none traversing the same rock at any given time.  

There are countless reasons to try rock climbing, whether for fun, fitness, or competition. Rock climbing is truly for everyone who would attempt it. That means you!  

Rock Climbing at its Peak 

As the sport continues its steady incline, winning more and more passionate climbers every year, it’s pretty easy to miss why it’s become the sport that it is today.  

For one thing, there’s an inherent inclination in each of us that loves accomplishing things. Whether it’s a chore around the house or a giant puzzle with the family, we are attracted to that sense of accomplishment we feel when we complete something of significance. Rock climbing provides countless opportunities for these incredible accomplishments to be achieved.  

If you’ve ever reached the summit of a rock face or even gone on a really long hike and reached the apex point, you’ll understand what we mean when we say there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment. We’ve previously written about the thrill of navigating a rock in the great outdoors. Part of that thrill lies in the pursuit of conquering it, too.  

More and more people are being drawn by the invitation of a challenging feat that needs conquering. The rocks are there, and the climbers realise it!  

Do You Even Rock Climb? 

If you’ve never rock-climbed before, or if you have, but you’d like to bring your family and friends to experience the joys that you’ve experienced – look no further. We’ve got you covered! 

Just two hours outside the city of Cape Town, there lies a particularly beautiful part of the Western Cape called Redelinghuys. Amongst its vast Sandveld and exquisite sandstone formations, Klein Tafelberg has established itself as one of the premier rock-climbing locations in the Western Cape, if not South Africa.  

With a variety of graded climbs as well as awesome climbing walls, there’s something for everyone at the Klein Tafelberg Adventure Centre. Grab the family or get some friends together, and come and see us sometime! You’ll have a blast.