A Guide To 4x4ing In Cape Town

If smooth roads and seamless drives aren’t for you, you’re probably a 4x4er at heart. Fortunately for you, the world of 4x4ing is vast and exciting enough to entertain you for years and years ahead! However, one thing that’s needed before you head on your 4×4 adventure is a good understanding of what it is and what you need on a trip.  

This is where we come in! 

We’ve previously covered what exactly 4x4ing is and what you need to get started and continue safely and securely. This time, we’re going to combine these two helpful pieces to form a helpful guide and companion on your next 4×4 adventure!  

Let’s get cracking! 

This is 4x4ing! 

4x4ing is about manoeuvring a heavy-duty vehicle along roads that most people wouldn’t dare to drive on. It’s more than just bumpy roads; it’s beautiful scenery! 

To experience this epic activity properly, you need an actual 4×4 vehicle. You can’t go wrong with the likes of a Nissan Navarra or a classic Toyota Hilux bakkie. If you don’t have a 4×4 car, you can always hire one for your adventure. 

You’re Going to Need the Right Gear 

Unfortunately, you won’t get very far on your 4×4 journey if you don’t have the right tools and accessories. The most important thing to ensure you have on hand is a spare tire and the tools necessary to change or deflate a tire. This also includes a puncture repair kit.  

Here are some other essentials you’ll need on your 4×4 expedition: 

  • Jumper cables to recharge your car battery in case your portable fridge or flood lights drain it.
  • Portable compressor to inflate tires 
  • Fire extinguisher to put out fires, of course! 4x4s can catch fire when they overheat due to mud-covered radiators or dry grass piling up against hot metal.
  • We’d suggest taking a more experienced friend along, possibly even in another 4×4, just in case of any issues or situations requiring some sort of skill in this field.

Important 4×4 Note 

As with most action-packed activities, safety is paramount to enjoying it. Before you head off in your 4×4, ensure you’re aware of the risks involved with 4x4ing. You’ll be safer on your journey if you’re familiar with these. 

From simple things like wearing your seatbelt or never standing in your vehicle while it’s in motion to more rigorous things like never travelling alone and knowing your surroundings beforehand. These things will serve you well and will only make your greatest ride ever that much greater! 

Another essential thing to know when heading on a grand 4×4 adventure is what tires you’ll need. Knowing your driving style and the terrain you’ll be driving on will help you make an informed decision regarding the best tires for your journey.  

We’ve Got Your Next Adventure Sorted 

If you’re looking for 4×4 tracks in Cape Town, look no further than Klein Tafelberg’s extraordinary Sandveld and rocky routes. Situated just two hours outside of central Cape Town, their 4×4 sand tracks are made up of sand trails with sections of mountains to ensure a challenging and unforgettable experience!  


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