4x4ing Near Cape Town 

If you’ve ever driven along a dirt road or a very uneven road with a bunch of potholes, you may feel like you’ve experienced the ‘joys’ of 4x4ing. After all, isn’t 4x4ing just driving your big car on some kind of off-road that’s not smooth? Surely the whole point of 4x4ing is to shake everything in the car around and have a jumping party inside?  

Okay, that last part is a bit fantastical, but it’s definitely easy to assume that that’s all 4x4ing is. Unfortunately, that would be the wrong assumption. 

What is 4x4ing? 

To experience a true 4×4 journey would entail a much stronger, more powerful car than your i20, with much more tough and challenging off-road routes than the 500-metre stretch of gravel in between the road and your favourite coffee shop. We apologise to those of you who have just had your bubbles burst, but real 4x4ing is much more than “just driving off-road”.  

True and proper 4x4ing involves the thrilling art of manoeuvring a large 4×4 vehicle or dirt-compatible bakkie along a treacherous, but absolutely stunning, route somewhere in the wilderness. Does that get description get your blood pumping? We hope so. 

If this kind of 4x4ing sounds like something you would want to do, we think it may just be the adventure you’ve been looking for!  

How to Have the Ultimate 4×4 Adventure 

4x4ing is for everyone, including (but not limited to) adrenaline junkies and people who like driving big cars. For some, regularly navigating 4×4 tracks is the single most exciting thing in the world, while for others it may just be something to try a couple of times for the experience.  

There are a few essential things to take note of when 4x4ing in order to have this ride of your life that we speak of. One of those essentials is a proper safety check. You need to be aware that there are inherent risks involved with 4x4ing, and the more you’re aware of those risks the safer you’ll be.  

From simple things like wearing your seatbelt, or never standing in your vehicle while it’s in motion, to more rigorous things like never travelling alone, and knowing your surroundings beforehand. These things will serve you well and will only make your greatest ride ever that much greater.  

Perhaps the most essential thing to know when heading on a grand 4×4 adventure is what tires you’ll need. Knowing your driving style and the different terrain you’ll be driving on will help you to make an informed decision regarding the best tires for your journey.  

Where to Experience the Ride of Your Life 

If you’re looking for 4×4 tracks in Cape Town, look no further than Klein Tafelberg’s extraordinary Sandveld and rocky routes. Situated just two hours outside of central Cape Town, their 4×4 sand tracks are made up of sand trails with sections of mountains to ensure a challenging and unforgettable experience!  

Whatever 4×4 category you fit into; one thing is certain: at Klein Tafelberg, you will have the ride of your life. 

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